New Site Launch

Today I proudly present the new version of the Sicksystems site. Since summer 2009 the Sicksystems has been my personal project, and on this site you can check out my recent works (in the portfolio section), as well as some old stuff (in the archive section); both sections together illustrate the development of my style really well. I've gathered the total of 125 projects made from 2003 to 2009 on this site. I will upload the most recent works, made in late 2009 - early 2010, a little bit later, because all of them have been reserved for different publications. You can read about some useful features and updates after the jump.

First, I thought it would be great to add a blog to my site, so I can post some of my sketches, publications, lifestyle photos and other things that don't fit the portfolio section. Now you can check out my fresh works from my portfolio and the blog updates via separate RSS feeds. Second, I've tried to make the navigation as friendly as possible. Now you can easily look through my works with the 'next/previous' buttons at the top right corner of the page. You can watch all the projects, from the most recent one to the first one, just by clicking on the next button. And finally, I've updated the logotype. I've replaced the cross with the letter A to avoid any references to religion. Besides, being the first letter of my name—Aske—it is meant to emphasize that the Sicksystems now is my personal project. I've also modified the hare outlines making them look more realistic and precise.