Faces and Laces 2010, Sneak peek

Faces and Laces, an interactive show dedicated to street culture, will be held in Moscow for the fourth time this year. It will take place at the end of May at an amazing venue in the very heart of the city, right next to the Red Square. Besides the streetwear consumer section, there will be a huge exhibition space where the works of both Russian and foreign artists will be showcased. This year's line-up looks pretty impressive and includes Viagrafik, Usugrow, Sat One, Stak, Zbiok, Mike Keshnar, and Samuel François.
I’m making a series of posters especially for the show, and I’ve participated in some exciting collaborations which will be displayed there as well. I’ll upload all my new works into my Portfolio after the show. If you happen to be in Moscow at the end of May, you are welcome to come around! Meanwhile, you can get a glimpse of the venue after the click. Above you can see a wall on the third floor which I'm planing to paint white and hang my posters on.