The Long Tomorrow Show

In September 2014, I had a two-man show with a talented Russian artist Alexey Luka. The exhibition entitled 'The Long Tomorrow' was a part of the first Moscow International Street Art Biennale called 'Artmossphere'. I presented my new body of work consisting of a series of eight plywood reliefs and four canvases inspired by science fiction.

Here are a few words about the show concept. When thinking about future people always hope for the best. They usually link future with progress that is primarily based on technological development. Technologies are constantly changing our society paving the road to 'tomorrow' people have always desired to peep at.

Most people tend to think that tomorrow will be better than today. Unfortunately, not many of them understand how important it is to remember your past and cherish the present moment. My works made for this show have been inspired by science fiction, while Alexey Luka's semiabstract geometric works contain scenes of our modern everyday life.

The name of the exhibition is a reference to the novel 'The Long Tomorrow' by an American writer Leigh Douglass Brackett. Written in 1955, the action of the novel is set in the aftermath of a nuclear war. Since most people are convinced that technologies were to blame for the catastrophe, the law forbids to rebuild the cities destroyed during the war or to start anew the process of technological development.

Thus, 'The Long Tomorrow' show raises a number of questions that are essential in our present-day life: Are technologies always good? How people should treat new inventions in science and technology? Should our progress be solely based on technological development? Or maybe there is something else and more important to it?