Design Bureau #1
I've just got the first issue of a new Chicago design magazine called Design Bureau. Check some spreads featuring my work after the jump.
Computer Arts #178
Recently I was commissioned by Computer Arts Magazine to make a tutorial on how to create a 3D typographic illustration in 15 steps. I've just received a copy of the new 178 issue of the mag with my tutorial in it. Check out the spreads after the jump.
1000 Ideas by 100 Designers
A few weeks ago when I was in Berlin I came across the book that features some old works by Sicksystems (my own works, as well as some works by my ex-colleagues) and 10 tips for young graphic designers I wrote more than a year ago. The book by Matteo Cossu is called 1000 Ideas by 100 Designers, published by Rockport. Check out the photos after the jump.
New Illustration With Type
Another book featuring some old works by Sicksystems was released in the UK this summer. New Illustration With Type by Martin Dawber contains the Sicksystems' profile along with some type-based works. Since the materials for this book were collected more than a year ago when Sicksystems was still a trio, the information is outdated. Nevertheless, you can check out some nice spreads under the cut.
Print Magazine #2, Vol. 64
My profile has been published in Print Magazine #2, Vol. 64; I was chosen along with other 19 young artists to be featured in their special annual New Visual Artists issue. My friend from New York has sent me over some photos of the mag, as well as some pics of my illustration which was displayed at Phaidon Store in NYC. Thanks to Mitya Pankov for the photos! You can check them out after the jump.
Web Publications
After the launch of my new website a few blogs supported me and made posts about my work. I would like to thank Form Fifty Five, Graff Art, Design Collector, Netdiver, Montana Cans, Grain edit, Pain tranche and Velvet Liga. Keep an eye on them! Check out some screenshots after the jump.
CODE RED graffiti magazine turns five years this year, and we are celebrating it with the release of our 6th issue. Working as the Editor in Chief, collecting materials, taking interviews, making layout all by myself has been a pretty tough job, but I'm really happy with the result! I'd like to congratulate and thank all our team for their hard work and all our readers for their support. Check out some spreads from the new issue after the jump.
Computer Arts Projects #130
Some of my t-shirt designs were featured in the article "Made to a tee" in Computer Arts Projects magazine, issue 130. Watch the spread with my works below.
Tees book
Some of the pretty old Sicksystems' designs were published in the book called Tees. The Art of the T-shirt by Maki, released by Laurence King Publishing, UK. Apart from my own designs, the works of my ex-colleagues were also published in the book. Check out the photos after the jump.
Type Player book
Some of my works were published in the Type Player book by Sandu Publishing, Guangzhou, China. You can check out the photos below.