Urbanism: City In My Head
A group show called 'Urbanism: City In My Head' was held in Museum of Moscow in May-June 2014. It was the first museum exhibition in Russia to showcase works by the Russian artists with a strong graffiti background. I was honored to be a part of the line-up that included some of the best local artists: Aber, Alex Kuznetsov, Morik, Petro, Slak, and Zmogk, as well as a special guest from Holland, Niels Shoe Meulman.
Typespaces Book
Just received a book called 'Typespaces. Typography in Three-Dimensional Spaces' that includes my typographic sculptures made for Nike in 2008 and 2010. Published by Basheer Graphic Books, Singapore, in 2013, it illustrates the usage of letters and symbols in architecture, outdoor, indoor, and furniture, and showcases works by Max Rippon, Ben Eine, Mitsutomo Matsunami, and dozens of other artists and studios from all over the world.
Telegraph Show
In 2013, I took part in a private show organized by Nike and Faces&Laces especially for Mark Parker, the CEO of Nike, who visited Moscow last September. At the exhibition there were showcased different works by prominent Moscow artists with a strong graffiti background, including Adha, Nootk, and Petro.
The New Wave Uncut Exhibition
On February, 13 a group show called The New Wave Uncut opened in MSK Eastside Gallery in Moscow, Russia. I made two multilayer plywood artworks especially for the exhibition. These were the first works I made for sale, and one of them was sold in half an hour after the show began.
Brands & Illustrators
Monsa, Barcelona included some of my commercial works for Nike and a small UK clothing brand in their book Brands & Illustrators. The book features commissions by illustrators from all over the world made for different brands. The cool thing is that you can see my working process in a step-by-step manner from a sketch to a vector illustration to the final product.
Synthesis & Integration Exhibition
I was honored to participate in a group show called Synthesis and Integration that was held from August 9 till September 6, 2013 in Moscow, Russia. The exhibition, which was part of the Faces & Laces Street Culture Show, featured works by both famous European and American artists, including Erosie, Mode 2, KR, and Stash, as well as local artists, including Alexey Luka and myself. I showcased a series of four plywood tile artworks, one of which was especially made for the show.
Great Idea: Petite Typeface
Honored to have my works featured in the book Great Idea: Petite Typeface published by Designerbooks, Hong Kong earlier this year. The book focuses on typography and original ways of working with letters. You will find alphabets, logos, words and phrases made out of wood, paper, cardboard, polystyrene, plasticine, fabric, yarn, and even dough! Artists from around the world make letters look fresh and cool on stationary, posters, t-shirt designs, murals, sculptures, cookies, and many more. Big ups to the Designerbooks team!
Russian Sneaker Magazine 'Ked'
A Russian magazine called Ked (Russian for 'a sneaker') has put sneakers with my graphics on the cover of their special August issue #16. The issue is dedicated to the Reebok City Classics collection, and features interviews with its curator Stash, art director Swizz Beatz, and myself, as well as profiles of all the artists who participated in the project. Big ups to Stash, Reebok, and Dmitri Egorov from Ked!
Sneaker Freaker #10
The Russian edition of the Australian magazine Sneaker Freaker has featured my illustration for the Reebok City Classics project along with the shoe with my graphics on the cover of their issue #10. The article about the City Classics collection showcases all of the twelve sneaker designs made by the invited artists, as well as two designs made by Stash, the curator of the project. Thanks to Stash, Reebok, and Sneaker Freaker! By the way, the City Classics shoes are already available in many shops across the globe.
Vector Illustration
I had some of my works featured in Vector Illustration, a book published by Monsa, Barcelona this year. It showcases vector works by both famous and up-and-coming artists with a background in graphic design, animation, advertising etc. Big ups to Marc Giménez!