Playful Type 2
I've just got a fresh copy of Playful Type 2: Ephemeral Lettering & Illustrative Fonts. This book, published by Gestalten, Germany, includes two pages with my works which I made in 2007 and 2009. Check out some pictures after the jump.
Design Bureau #1
I've just got the first issue of a new Chicago design magazine called Design Bureau. Check some spreads featuring my work after the jump.
Computer Arts #178
Recently I was commissioned by Computer Arts Magazine to make a tutorial on how to create a 3D typographic illustration in 15 steps. I've just received a copy of the new 178 issue of the mag with my tutorial in it. Check out the spreads after the jump.
Kunstkraft Exhibition
Guys from Montana Cans invited me to take part in an exhibition and charity auction which was held in Mannheim, Germany at the end of July. The project called Kunstkraft took place at Studio Alte Feuerwache where four of my recent illustrations were printed and exhibited along with works by other artists. All the money raised from selling the artworks will go to children in Kenya.
1000 Ideas by 100 Designers
A few weeks ago when I was in Berlin I came across the book that features some old works by Sicksystems (my own works, as well as some works by my ex-colleagues) and 10 tips for young graphic designers I wrote more than a year ago. The book by Matteo Cossu is called 1000 Ideas by 100 Designers, published by Rockport. Check out the photos after the jump.
New Illustration With Type
Another book featuring some old works by Sicksystems was released in the UK this summer. New Illustration With Type by Martin Dawber contains the Sicksystems' profile along with some type-based works. Since the materials for this book were collected more than a year ago when Sicksystems was still a trio, the information is outdated. Nevertheless, you can check out some nice spreads under the cut.
Give Your Best Poster
Until Sunday, 27 June you can buy my new A3 print, which was displayed on 12-13 June in AnyForty Versus Exhibition at the Start The Bus Gallery in Bristol, England. All profits will go to Bristol charity Knowle West Media Centre. So you will not only get a piece of artwork, you will also donate to a great cause.
You can see the whole illustration and find the link to AnyForty Online Store after the jump.
AnyForty Versus Exhibition
If you happen to be in Bristol on 12-13 June, you are welcome to come along to Start The Bus Gallery, 7-9 Baldwin Street; it will host a two-day group exhibition organized by Alan Wardle of AnyForty. I've made a brand new A3 illustration especially for the show; if you come you can both see it and buy yourself a copy. Watch a video teaser of the upcoming show after the jump.
Write The Future @ Faces and Laces
The sculpture I created for Nike Write the Future advertising campaign was exhibited at the street culture group show called Faces and Laces, held in Moscow on May 21-22. I thought that combining 3D typographic elements, which I really like, with a replica of Moscow International Business Center will be a great idea because the latter has become a symbol of modern Russia and its future development. Since Write the Future is all about football, I decided to add a soccer ball which gave the sculpture the final touch. You will find some more photos from the show after the jump.
The Making of Nike Sculpture
In spring 2010 Nike commissioned me to create a sculpture for their football-themed advertising campaign Write the Future. I decided to make it a complex object consisting of a large number of elements of different size and shape. I had all the details cut out of foamed polystyrene, then I painted them red, crimson, white, black, and grey and glued them together. After the jump you can view some pictures taken during the making of the sculpture.